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Burn Patient from Mahottari

Runa Devi Mahato, 35, is a burn patient from Mahottari. Her husband brought her to Kathmandu for medical treatment. According to the doctor at Trauma Center, Runa Devi has 35% burns on her body and requires immediate medical attention. He also stated that the patient cannot afford the treatment and surgery which costs Rs. 150,000. So far, Medication for Nepal has raised a fund of Rs. 63,000 to help her, and is also providing food and medicines. However, the collected fund is running out and Runa Devi needs for further support. You can support Runa Devi by donating through our website, esewa or you can send any of the following medicines directly.

Inj.Morphine – 20 pieces
Inj. Lactagard 1.5 gm – 30 pieces
Inj. Ketorolac 30mg – 15 pieces
Inj. Pantocid 40mg – 20 Pieces
Inj. N/S 500 ml – 15 pieces
Syringe 10 cc -10 pieces
Syringe 5 cc – 10 pieces
Surgical glove – 15 pieces
Syp. Lactulose – 2 pieces

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Medicines meant for Mugu locals never reach to target groups.

Medicines supplied by the District Public Health Office (DPHO), MUGU to health facilities based in the rural areas never reach to the target groups, forcing them to visit the private pharmacies instead.The DPHO Mugu annually purchases the medicines worth up to Rs 2.5 million and provides them to the district-based health facilities.But it is a dream for the people residing in rural parts of Mugu to easily get medicines from the government health facilities in need.

Source: Setopati.com
To read more:-http://setopati.net/society/19649/

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National Kidney Centre raking money in the name of free dialysis.

National Kidney Centre situated at Banasthali, Kathmandu has been raking money from patients. Salikram Rana a 50 year old kidney patient came to the Centre to get the treatment all the way from Palpa. He has been getting treatment from National Kidney Centre since December. He only knew about his organ failure after getting treated by the Centre. Though the government has provided with free dialysis service he has been paying money for it. He has already done 8 dialysis and paid Rs. 3000 for each treatment. Though he has followed up every procedure to get the treatment free the Centre has not provided him with the service.
Source:- Swasthiya Khabarpatrika.
To read more:- http://swasthyakhabar.com/news-details/2340/2017-01-10

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