More patients prefer Mechi Zonal Hospital over private health facilities

Tara Nath Khatiwada of Shani Arjun-1, Jhapa went to a private hospital in Jhapa seeking treatment for stomach pain. After he went through all sorts of medical checkups, the doctor said that he had a hernia.The doctor advised him to undergo a hernia repair surgery that would cost around Rs 40,000.

The cost was too high for him given his poor financial condition.So, he decided to go Mechi Zonal Hospital. However, the health workers and doctors at the private hospital told him that government hospitals don't provide as good a service as private hospitals.
Despite all the warnings, Khatiwada went to the Mechi Zonal Hospital for the operation. The surgery was successful and he ended up paying only Rs 8,000 for it.

Many people think government hospitals provide poor services. However, they do not know that government hospitals also have skillful doctors and are equipped with modern equipment.According to service seekers, government hospitals provide medical services at affordable cost, whereas similar services at private hospitals require high fees.

Source: My Republica
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