Paying for Free Health Treatment

Asthma patient Ramprit Yadav of Siraha - 2 is admitted at the District hospital for treatment. As per provision, he was supposed to get free treatment and free medicines while undergoing treatment at government hospitals. Ramprit did not. He was asked to buy medicines from pharmacies and was also asked to get x-ray from a private health facility.
"It was told that patients of asthma are given totally free treatment and medicines at government hospitals. However, I had to buy medicines from outside and also had to pay for x-ray, as I was asked to do it from outside," he said while laying on bed no 14 of the general treatment ward of the hospital. The only thing that Ramprit has not paid for are bed and doctor's fee. Rest, including several tests and medicines, the hospital said sorry and he had to pay.
Rajbir Yadav, spokesperson at the hospital admitted that patients have been hit due to the lack of medicine in hospital. He informed that 35 percent of medicine for asthma patients comes from the drug department while the hospital manages for the rest through tender. "However, this time, neither the department has sent medicine, nor have we been able to buy it," he explained.
Source : My Republica
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