Poor under grip of loan sharks to pay off medical costs

Goverment health facilities sending patients to private hospitals. Fulkumari Sadaya of Chandra Ayodhyapur-6 gave birth to a baby recently. Her family spent Rs 50,000 on the delivery, which they managed by taking loans. Even during the birth of an earlier child, the family had to borrow money to meet the cost of delivery. They incurred such high medical fees because both the operations were carried out at private hospitals rather than at a government-run facility, where deliveries are carried out free of cost.
According to Sehad Khatun, the problem is not limited to 'poor squatters.' Even others are deprived of basic health services.Khatun said clearing off debt incurred during the delivery of her grandchild four months ago is proving to be an insurmountable burden. “Even the district hospital provides nothing for free,” she said. “You need to have at least around 20,000 rupees before they prepare your patient for delivery,” she said.
Meanwhile, Dr Daya Shankarlal Karna, medical superintendent of Siraha District Hospital, said that the hospital has been doing its best to provide quality service to patients.

Source : My Republica
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