Locals do not want to use government provided free medicines.

Morang:- The locals from Morang's Lakhantari village ddevelopment community know about the free health facilities and free medicines provided by the government. Everyday people from this community suffer from some health problems but instead of going to the nearest health post to get free medical checkups they go to clinics located at Milanchowk and Jhorahat.
The locals from this VDC do not believe in the treatment provided by the government assigned doctor and they think that the medicines provided by the local health post is outdated or doesn't work to treat the diseases they have suffered from. Not only this VDC most community in the rural area who have access to clinic go there to get the treatment instead of the health post. In case they get meddications from health post they do not utilize it.

Source: Swasthiya Khabar Patrika
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