Complete institutionalized postnatal care campaign in full force in Baitadi.

Baitadi district has been going through proper preparations for a successful Complete Institutionalized Postnatal Care Campaign by the coming year.
District Health Office Head, Dr. Guna Raj Awasthi mentioned that each Wards will be institutionalized one by one and eventually the whole district will be successfully delivering proper postnatal care to patients. He also informed that in the current Fiscal year, 300 wards has already been declared fully institutional postnatal care wards.
As informed by the Public Health Nurse, Mamta Joshi, by developing 9 various lists of criteria and their work flow directory, the wards and eventually villages development committees were successfully running the postnatal care campaign. Some of the criteria of the 9 criteria lists following the government's protocol for pregnant women were: each expecting mother should have had proper health checkups during pregnancy, their delivery should only be performed by registered and able health personnels, they should have taken proper iron pills, medicines against parasitic worms, TT vaccines etc. These conditions are to be met in order to be declared a fully functional institutional postnatal care ward.
This campaign is undergoing successfully in various regions of this districts.

Source: Swasthya Khabar (स्वास्थ्य खबर)
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